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Dahlia’s For Beginners – Online Workshop

Come and join us for our first online workshop brought to you from our farm, The Olde Creamery.

This workshop has been formulated following our recent success co-delivering a workshop in Queensland & our seasonal workshops at our local Bunnings store.

During our time together, we will cover both the basic principles to ensure you get the best from your plants and create the wow factor garden we all strive for with our Dahlias. Our areas of discussion will encompass how to grow your Dahlias in a range of environments from the single pot to 22m long rows like we do here!

On the farm, we grow to regenerative principles and can’t wait to share this approach with you. We will also cover the basics of propagating by dividing your tubers & multiplying stock from cuttings.  A great aspect of growing too learn so that you can share your plants with friends/family or ensure you don’t lose a particular favourite cultivar over the Winter.

The workshop whilst online, will be presented LIVE, with minimal pre-recorded footage. We maintain a warm and inclusive learning environment by only having a maximum of 12 participants. In our small group, we will share with you our joint experiences and expertise in a relaxed environment, where no question is regarded as a “silly question”!

About Jamie –

Jamie was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. Moving to Australia in his teens, he found himself in the Dept of Justice and after 16 years now searches for “eyes” instead of criminals! Jamie has been growing Dahlias for 10 years as an enthusiastic gardener before making the transition to both exhibitor and commercial grower. Jamie particularly excels and is passionate about taking greens (cuttings) and with his setup in an old dairy can now propagate over 1000 Dahlias each fortnight, with over 95% success!! Jamie strives to make his workshops both educational and informative but most of all fun!  On the farm, we grow nearly 300 individual cultivars as well as establishing our hybridising program.

Following our workshop, participants will get early access to our Dahlia Garden Ready Plant range which is a new venture for us this year! Plants can be shipped to all non-quarantine states.

NOTE – This workshop will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams. Whilst you do not need to have a Microsoft Subscription you may be required to download the Teams application. You will also require good WIFI/cellular coverage. We are looking into having the workshop recorded. This is so that a replay can be shared with the participants only for a limited time afterward should you want to revisit a topic.


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Additional Information

A brief history…

We established The Olde Creamery in 2016, after purchasing the property, and together created our dream home & gardens. Our business has organically grown from commencing as an Airbnb Farm-stay to the diverse micro-farm it is today.

In 2021, we released a range of gourmet products, focussing on locally grown ingredients. Since that time our range has grown and we are proud to have our products in not only local stockists but also in several regional IGA’s with a steady following of supporters!


The season of 2023 will be our first year in Horticultural Production, with the establishment of our micro-farm. With approximately 2000m2 of paddock being repurposed for its development.

Our aim is to provide quality tubers, garden garden-ready plants to Australian gardeners, whilst providing guidance throughout the year to ensure that your Dahlias continue to bring you much love and admiration for many years to come.

Gareth was originally the green-thumbed one of our relationship, happily spending hours in the garden, following in the footsteps of his late Grandmother.

Jamie commenced growing his first Dahlias, approximately 10 years ago, purchasing the variety Mrs Ree’s and after not killing her the collection (addiction) grew! With approximately 300 cultivars in our own private collection!


Our Rates

  • Monday - Thursday $140

    Price per night. Public holidays require 2 night min stay. Pets welcome at $25 per stay.

  • Friday - Saturday $150

    Price per night. Public holidays require 2 night min stay. Pets welcome at $25 per stay.