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Seed – Dahlia – Bushfire

Approximately 10 open-pollinated seeds


Dahlias do not grow true from seed. If you are wishing to purchase this variety, please check our tuber and garden-ready plant sales in Spring or Subscribe to our website to be kept informed of product releases. True plant cultivars are taken from either tuber division in the fall or from stem cuttings in Spring/Autumn.

All new Dahlia varieties are produced from a seed, sometimes the results are fascinating, and other times you’ll have your very own ugly duckling! With eight DNA chromosomes (we only have two!) the possibilities are endless. With every seedling becoming a unique new cultivar, maybe you’ll grow one good enough to name!

Growing from seed is a fun and rewarding experience for the experimental gardener.

Each seed will produce tubers during its first growing season. Typically, a new variety is grown by the breeder for 3 seasons to ensure its overall quality of bloom and storage before being considered for release.


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All flower seeds available from The Olde Creamery have been grown by us, on our farm in North East Victoria. We maintain the plants during the growing season, pinching & disbudding to promote healthy sturdy plants, adhere to our own virus control methods, treat for pests with eco-friendly biological controls vs systemic chemicals, and then optimally feed and water the plants to promote blooming and reduce stress during the hot weather.

Please read our Dahlia pages for more information on our reducing virus in Dahlia’s strategy & the implementation of biological controls for pest management.

At the end of the season, we start preparing blooms for seed collection, this involves initially removing around 2/3rds of petals from a bloom. In doing so, we create more space for the bees to come and do their magic and increase our chances of obtaining viable seeds. We then wait and monitor the immature seeds over the next 6 weeks before harvesting.

Once harvested the heads are split open and the seeds removed and sorted by hand – this can be quite time-consuming! Any non-viable seeds are removed & the batch is periodically tested to ensure they contain an endosperm. They are then air-dried to reduce the chances of mold, before being individually packaged for sale.

Did you know that many of the seeds available to buy commercially are produced overseas? Just like most of our cut flower industry as well. They are then stored for weeks in cold storage as well as fumigated and treated with harsh chemicals to meet our strict border security measures.


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