The Olde Creamery


Welcome to The Olde Creamery’s Dahlia Farm

A brief history…

We established The Olde Creamery in 2016, after purchasing the property, and together created our dream home & gardens. Our business has organically grown from commencing as an Airbnb Farm-stay to the diverse micro-farm it is today.

In 2021, we released a range of gourmet products, focussing on locally grown ingredients. Since that time our range has grown and we are proud to have our products in not only local stockists but also in several regional IGA’s with a steady following of supporters!


The season of 2023 will be our first year in Horticultural Production, with the establishment of our micro-farm. With approximately 2000m2 of paddock being repurposed for its development.

Our aim is to provide quality tubers, garden ready plants to Australian gardeners, whilst providing guidance throughout the year to ensure that your Dahlias continue to bring you much love and admiration for many years to come. 

Gareth was originally the green-thumbed one of our relationship, happily spending hours in the garden, following in the footsteps of his late Grandmother.

Jamie commenced growing his first Dahlias, approximately 10 years ago, purchasing the variety Mrs Ree’s and after not killing her the collection (addiction) grew! With now over 150 cultivars in our own private collection!

Please check out our catalogue of cultivars which will be available for sale, in our shop! 

To keep up to date with “What’s happening on the farm”, the latest Dahlia news, and growing tips, please follow us on our social media pages & check out our new YouTube channel! 

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Aside from the established gardens at The Olde Creamery, which are popular with gardening groups and lovers, the Dahlia collection has now grown to home over 100 cultivars in all forms and colours. Making for a breathtaking display during the growing season!

During the flowering season, we also sell cut flowers direct to local florists on a wholesale basis and sell bouquets through our farmgate stall and local markets. We also work holistically with other local flower farms to meet growing customer demand.

From formal, to informal, PomPom to Dinner Plate – there truly is a Dahlia for everyone!

Happy growing xx

Our vision

Our ethic and vision for our company is simple…. contentment!

To us both it was important that the goal we set at the beginning was to deliver contentment, firstly to ourselves and to our customer base. To ourselves this means we continually work towards creating a diverse product range which eventually will allow us both to work for ourselves, whilst fulfilling both our passions/interests and career aspirations. 

To our customers it means producing the best products we can so that when you buy a jar of our relish, not only does it tase amazing – you know that you are supporting a small local business with a small supply chain beneath us! The same applies to our Dahlia plants, we grow each one as if we were planting it in our own garden! Doing everything we can to ensure each tuber/plant continues to WOW bloom by bloom, year by year!

Our farm is joining the growing network of local micro flower farms in Australia, who, as collective now bring to the market an abundance and diversity of Australian Grown seasonal flowers. This reduces the number of flowers being imported from overseas (cold stored for several months, fumigated/preserved with numerous chemicals and sometimes artificially scented/coloured), and the significant carbon footprint imported flowers create is immense.

Purchasing from small scale passionate farmers, you will soon experience the difference this delivers. Blooms that will last longer in your home and plants that will be stronger and better acclimatised to our climates. Additionally, your purchase helps to support the economy of your local communities.

We care about the footprint we leave as a business and where possible have implemented sustainable practices into our business model. This includes not only using offset carbon emissions through our preferred shipping partner, but also through a monthly donation to Greening Australia (equivalent to our grid drawn average electricity usage). All our packaging has been carefully selected to ensure that it can be either biodegraded, composted, or recycled. This even includes our sticky tape and packaging noodles.

If this wasn’t enough! We also provide education and support to the community through our workshop presentations, online forums and individually through our after sales discussions.

We hope that a purchase from us, leaves you as “contented” as we do producing it!

Thank you for your support.




Our Rates

  • Monday - Thursday $140

    Price per night. Public holidays require 2 night min stay. Pets welcome at $25 per stay.

  • Friday - Saturday $150

    Price per night. Public holidays require 2 night min stay. Pets welcome at $25 per stay.